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Want to Be a Billionaire? Impact a Billion People.

Today, anyone who is driven by a dream to solve a problem has the opportunity to change the world. This wasn’t the case in past eras.

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If only Bruno Mars and Travie McCoy had known to talk to Peter Diamandis first…

Do you want to be a billionaire? If you answer, “Yes, of course,” then you’re fortunate, says Diamandis, because it’s never been easier for a common person to ascend to such great heights:

“A thousand years ago the only people who could impact a nation or region were the kings and the queens. … A hundred years ago, it was the industrialists, the robber barons who could build the railroads, the steel mills and affect the economy of a region or solve problems. Today it’s all of us.”

Anyone driven by a dream to solve a major problem could potentially do enough to impact a billion people. All it takes is the right amount of knowledge and the right amount of tools. Today we are lucky to have access to extraordinary exponential technologies that only governments and corporations had 20 years ago: artificial intelligence, virtual reality, 3D printing, cryptocurrencies, crowdsource platforms, peer-to-peer systems, etc. The marketplace is being flooded with technologies that present innovative solutions to age-old problems. The persons who effectively take advantage of these new technologies will hold the keys to launching bold, hugely profitable projects that will define and create the future of business.

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