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Now Crowdfunding: A Tailored Tech Jacket That Makes You Feel Like James Bond

Who says wearable technology can’t be classy? A company called Italian Tailored Technology is currently crowdfunding the production of a sharp-looking jacket that doubles as a secret agent toolkit.

Last week I wrote about both wearable fashion and the advent of tech-driven tailors, so it only makes sense that my two beats collide with this:

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Currently fundraising at Indiegogo, the folks at Italian Tailored Technology are working on a spiffy jacket teeming with some cool embedded technology. It sort of looks like something James Bond would wear, though recent evidence seems to suggest our current 007 prefers the more intrusive (though less fabric-laden) earpiece.

ITT’s jacket comes complete with GPS capabilities, an HD camera, solar panels, device chargers, energy storage, and fancy sleeve buttons that double as a control panel. Q branch is no doubt salivating as we speak. 

Alas, it appears ITT is only in the early stages of this product’s development. Their crowdfunding page is relatively new and with only $603 raised out of the $70,000 they need, it may take a subsidy from MI6 itself to get them off the ground. But if you’re a suave secret agent or, more likely, a wannabe James Bond, this may be the sort of crowdfunding project you keep an eye on.

And, just a note: If you do obtain one of these jackets and you do take it out on a top-secret mission, be sure to return it in pristine order.

Check it out at Indiegogo.

(h/t @RedOracle)

Also, just for fun, here’s a video from September, 2007 featuring then-Wall Street Journal tech columnist Walt Mossberg on tech trends to keep an eye on. He doesn’t explicitly mention wearables, but he implies something very similar. Check out which trends he was right on and which ones fizzed out:


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