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Tuesdays with Bill

It’s “Dear Abby” for Geeks. Ask Bill Nye Pretty Much Anything.

What if Bill Nye were your warm, rational uncle? What if you could informally ask his opinion on anything from black holes to the zombie apocalypse? Well now you can. 

Here’s how it works: 

  1. You shoot a webcam video no longer than 30 seconds introducing yourself and asking Bill a question.
  2. Email the video file to tuesdayswithbill [at] gmail [dot] com
  3. We’ll pick the top entries each month and Bill will respond to them on camera. 
  4. Every Tuesday, we’ll release one question & Bill’s response on and across social media.

It’s that easy. Ask away!

    “How big is the Universe?” “Am I really made of stars?” “Can scorpions kill me?”

    No question is too tough — or too out there. So long as they’re smart, somehow science-related, and not mean-spirited, they’re fair game for “Tuesdays with Bill,” a running feature on Big Think.

    From 1993 to 1998, Bill Nye the Science Guy inspired TV-watching kids to approach the world with scientific curiosity, asking tough questions and taking nothing for granted. Those kids are all grown up now and back in touch with Bill through his recent interviews tackling grown-up issues like climate change denial and human sexuality. Many of the most popular of these interviews were produced right here on Big Think. 

    But why stop there? A video can inspire and amaze you, but it’s still beaming at you from the remote reaches of Interwebspace. We wanted Bill’s students of all ages to get the opportunity to ask him directly about any science-related topic. And to our great joy, Bill was up for it.

    Stuck? Not sure what to ask? Here are some of Bill’s past Big Think videos for inspiration.

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