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The Times They Are A-Changn’

CASTLE has been around for a few years now. In fact, it started at the University of Minnesota, moved south to Iowa State University, was shared between Iowa State University […]

The Best Art Books of 2012

For the third year running, here’s a very personal, very subjective, “I can’t read everything, so I probably left out something, so mention it in the comments, OK?” list of […]

4 Guys Talking – Episode 1

Thursday was the inaugural episode of 4 Guys Talking, a new podcast series from CASTLE. The podcast consists of me, Jon Becker, David Quinn, and Jayson Richardson talking about a variety […]

Not so irrelevant 006

In the past, I’ve labeled my random thoughts and captures from the Web on this blog as Half-finished or half-baked?. As of today, I’m re-labeling those as Not so irrelevant […]

Not so irrelevant 013

My latest roundup of links and tools… When did the IT staff get promoted above the superintendent? Will Richardson notes: [A] school superintendent I spoke with … lamented the fact […]