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A Shout-Out for Self-Awareness

Understanding biases in your decision-making is half the battle.

My book Heart, Smarts, Guts and Luckwas inspired by a deep interest in self-awareness.

So why is self-awareness so important in leaderships and business-building?

It’s driven by the fact that many of us aren’t self-aware enough.  There’s a reason rehab programs start with admitting you have a problem, and self-awareness is really the foundation for doing better.  It’s really the foundation for understanding what biases your decision-making.  So when we talk about heart inspired, smarts inspired, or guts driven, or luck driven people, understanding biases in your decision-making is half the battle.  You can reflect back and have a framing to say, “Boy, you know, I was probably driven a lot by my passion, my purpose around there and I didn’t take XYZ into account.”

And it’s only through self-awareness that I think you can improve and understand why it is you make the decisions that you do. We hope we’re sparking a self-awareness conversation.  We hope you out there will be part of it and help push a movement for greater self-awareness.

In Their Own Words is recorded in Big Think’s studio.

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