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Mitt Romney’s Hair for President

How much of the GOP leader’s authority, not to mention sex appeal, depends on his black locks? The former governor’s hairdo is commanding a surprising amount of attention.

What’s the Latest Development?

Mitt Romney’s hair is a metaphor for the man: commanding yet stiff, presidential yet slick. But if you think a blog and a Facebook page dedicated to the ex-governor’s locks are outliers, you’d be wrong. “Mr. Romney’s advisers have been known to fret about the shiny strands, and his rivals have sought to turn them against him.” Romney’s barber has encouraged him to let it relax a little, but the candidate insists on having a controlled look. The cut is so recognizable, other patrons of his barber call it “The Mitt”.

What’s the Big Idea?

All this may sound like a joke but how many of our supposedly rational political convictions stand alone? Perhaps it’s no coincidence that in our media-obsessed age, Obama and Romney are two tall, attractive men. Could Franklin D. Roosevelt have been elected today, scooting around in his wheelchair? Part of today’s image control requires maintaining a good appearance without appearing vain (Romney insists he uses no product to make that perfect part).


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