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A New Lunch Option: Hitting The Dance Floor

Created partially in response to sedentary work environments, lunch-hour dance parties are growing in popularity in New York and around the world.

What’s the Latest Development?

Workers looking for a change of pace at lunchtime might want to take advantage of several new  midday dance parties popping up at different places around New York and other major cities. Food takes a distant back seat to music at Lunch Break, a free event sponsored by Absolut vodka and the online culture site Flavorpill. Another version, Lunch Beat, held its first New York event last month, debuting as the newest of over 50 chapters worldwide. Although many of the participants are in their 20s and 30s, older people attend as well. Gertrude Cruz, who only gives her age as being “old enough to retire” said the event was “a good way to unwind office tension.”

What’s the Big Idea?

Molly Ränge, the founder of Lunch Beat, says that when she held the first event in Stockholm in 2010, she originally thought of its participants as being part of a “secret order” as seen in the movie “Fight Club.” Lunch Break’s Sascha Lewis offers a slightly more real-world rationale for the events’ success: It fights back against an increasingly digitized and numbed-out culture. His company plans to expand the service to five cities this summer.

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