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Amazon Gets FAA Approval to Begin Testing Delivery Drones

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced in late 2013 that he wanted to build a drone-based delivery service. The company now has a license from the US Federal Aviation Administration to begin testing said service.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced in late 2013 his intention to build a drone-based delivery service. This week the United States Federal Aviation Administration disclosed that it has extended to Amazon an experimental airworthiness certificate to begin testing a new unmanned aircraft design. As Mike Murphy writes at Quartz, there’s no guarantee that the FAA will grant Amazon the kind of license necessary for a full-scale delivery service. That said, if I were a betting man I wouldn’t bet against Bezos getting what he wants: “30-minute delivery by drone for Amazon Prime customers.”

Read more at Quartz.

Read the full FAA statement.

Photo credit: Slavoljub Pantelic / Shutterstock

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