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Hackers may take on Mexican Drug Cartel

In a bizarre twist to Mexico’s drug war, an international group of online hackers has warned a drug cartel to release one of its members, or see its private details published.

What’s the Latest Development?

The world has taken an interesting turn in the power struggles within the huge illegal drug economy. International online hackers group, Anonymous, has introduced a new weapon: a threat to publish the identities and addresses of a Mexican syndicate’s associates, from corrupt police to taxi drivers, as well as reveal its businesses. Its warning to the Zetas group followed the kidnapping of an Anonymous member.

What’s the Big Idea?

“In this viral world on the Internet, it shows how much damage could be done with just one statement on the Web,” said  Stratfor intelligence expert Fred Burton. Mike Vigil, of the Drug Enforcement Administration, said it was a “gutsy move” by Anonymous and one the Zetas must take seriously.


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