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Make Valentine’s Day About Loving Yourself as Well

All long-term relationships take commitment and work. New York Mag’s Ann Friedman points out that the relationship you have with yourself is by far the longest you’ll ever have. So work on it.

Ann Friedman of NY Mag has an interesting piece up this week and, like so many interesting pieces published the second week of February, it’s about Valentine’s Day and love and respect and yada yada yada. What sets Friedman’s article apart is how astute it is in casting a light on the most important relationship you’ll ever have: the one with yourself. We place such a measured focus on relationships and couples and Love, Actually that we forget that love is an internal thing as well. And don’t think it’s only single people who should be finding ways to demonstrate their self-appreciation:

“Contrary to much of the advice peppering the internet, it’s being in a relationship with someone else — not being single — that poses the biggest challenge to self-love. When you’re happily spending lots of your time with another person, it’s easy to forget that you should also be spending time with yourself. Alone. And not just treating yourself, but really thinking about who you are and what you want.”

Take a look at Friedman’s article (linked again below) and think about all the ways in which you can improve your relationship with yourself. All long-term relationships take time, effort, and respect. Like it or not, you’re in a relationship with yourself all your life. May as well get to work.

Read more at NY Mag.

Photo credit: Zemler / Shutterstock


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