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Margaret Atwood: Costume Designer

The prolific and award-winning Canadian writer designs superhero costumes for alter-egos of two of her readers—as well as a chilling enemy ‘the Paniac’.

“With more than a dozen novels, 17 poetry collections and countless literary awards including the 2000 Man Booker prize to her name, Margaret Atwood’s credentials as one of the world’s greatest living writers are not in question. What have been less well known until now, however, are her skills as a draughtswoman and fashion designer—specifically, as a creator of superhero outfits. That surprising talent has emerged in a remarkable exchange over Twitter, which saw the Canadian writer contacting two readers who had expressed admiration for her work, and offering to design ‘superhero comix costumes’ for their avatar alter-egos, @kidney_boy and @DrSnit.”


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