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Pleasing People: Less is More

What role does pleasing others play in your organization or life? The fewer people you try to please the more focused, creative, distinct you become and the more you’ll be ‘unpleasing’.

What’s the Latest Development?

Dan Rockwell on why the fewer people you try to please, the more focused, creative and distinct you become, and the more you’ll be ‘unpleasing’. Conversely, the more people you and your organization try to please, the more frantic and blander, and less focused, you become, and the fewer people you truly please. It takes courage to be willing to displease but that courage creates uniqueness.

What’s the Big Idea?

Don’t intentionally offend many in your attempts to please fewer. If pleasing fewer offends—so be it. But, in most cases pleasing fewer simply makes others ignore you and that’s good. “Use what pleases you in service to others. For example, Steve Jobs created produces he loved using.”


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