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Real-Time Video Analysis At An Affordable Price

New software titled Cara (“Face” in Spanish) can turn any camera into an intelligent eye that analyzes and produces anonymous data on who it sees.

What’s the Latest Development?

IMRSV (formerly Immersive Labs) has moved from designing “smart” billboards that changed ads depending on the person watching them to creating software that can turn any video camera into an analytics tool. The software, called Cara, collects real-time anonymous data on any people in the camera’s vision, such as gender, age, and the amount of time they’ve been in the vicinity. Because the information is gathered instantaneously, a developer can design a program that creates instantaneous responses. Developer Jason Sosa says Cara isn’t as much of a privacy risk as other face recognition technologies because it “doesn’t record images, it doesn’t save video, it doesn’t collect any personal information. It’s simply gathering stats.” Also unlike similar software, developers can use it for a fairly reasonable $39.99 per month.

What’s the Big Idea?

Upon the release of the digital billboards, Sosa and his IMRSV colleagues began to receive requests from many different business sectors to design real-time detection software that could, for example, determine how many people were standing in line at a fast food restaurant or adjust a home’s temperature based on who was in it. Cara adds the element of sight to the many different sensors that comprise the Internet of Things. With it, Sosa says that someday soon “my living room [can tell] my kitchen that I’m coming.”

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