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We Are in the Age of Experimental Architecture

Architect (and Big Think expert) Marc Kushner argues our current age of architecture will be remembered for experimentation and technological influence.

Earlier this week, architect Marc Kushner was featured here on the Big Think homepage talking about how to redesign an urban landscape:

Kushner is the author of the new book The Future of Architecture in 100 Buildings and he’s out and about on his PR tour sharing all sorts of neat information from his book. Today he’s the focus of a piece at Wired in which he makes a fascinating statement about current architectural trends:

“More than ever, today’s architecture is fueled by an acceleration of technology, material science, and down-to-try-it attitude. As Kushner argued in a recent post in Medium, just like the ‘70s had Brutalism and the ‘90s Deconstructivism, today might very well be the age of experimentalism in architecture.”

Take a look at the full piece below for more of Kushner’s thoughts on the matter, plus photos of 20 buildings that he believes clue us in on the future of architecture.

Read more at Wired.

Photo credit: place-to-be / Shutterstock


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