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Why Companies Should Hire More Moms

Companies should go out of their way to hire new mothers because they are organized, they multitask, they have zero time to screw around and improve the culture of a workplace.

What’s the Latest Development?

After Stacy Epstein had a child, the former VP of global marketing communications decided she would not let motherhood stand in the way of maintaining an ambitious professional career. Prospective employers, however, were not as enthusiastic. So she accepted a part-time position from her mentor, who promised her a full-time position when more funds became available. Today, Epstein is in at 9 and out the door before 4. That means putting in night and weekend hours, but utilizing the flexibility offered by modern communication technology means she does not compromise on time with her family. 

What’s the Big Idea?

While Epstein had never felt that being a woman stood in her way, motherhood was another story. But now that she manages a team of 12 employees, 5 of whom are mothers with children under 5, she understands what a great asset a mother can be to a team: Mothers, says Epstein, “are organized, they multi-task, and have zero time to screw around”; because they are in parenting mode, they focus on ‘doing the right thing’; they improve the culture of workplace by making flexibility a priority and promoting a work-life balance; and because they cannot work as many hours, they are more focused on getting results. 

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