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WATCH: Inside Every Human Cell Lies the Fountain of Youth

Professor Douglas Melton takes a look at the basis for regenerative medicine, the human body’s ability to divide, grow, and specialize cells.

Welcome to The Floating University. Instead of taking out thousands of dollars in student loans, or to get a jump-start on the education you wish you’d had, begin watching these amazing one-hour lectures by some of America’s most talented thinkers, investors, artists, and leaders.

We’ve been introducing each video specifically over the past couple weeks, but we’ve also put all the videos here. That’s the foundation of an Ivy League education on a single page — because we think knowledge can change a person’s life, and it would be a shame to keep that knowledge locked away. These videos are pretty amazing! We hope you agree.

In this video, professor Douglas Melton introduces the science of stem cells and their greatest hope: new “man-made” stem cells that could soon be used to reverse incurable degenerative diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s. Professor Melton tells how these same stem cells may be the keys that unlock an end to aging as we know it.

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