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100 principal blogs in 100 days!

Okay, I’m putting my money where my mouth is

Starting today, CASTLE is kicking off an initiative to create 100 new principal blogs in 100 days. We’re looking for 100 principals who want to try and tap into the communication power of blogs for their school communities. This initiative is intended to complement the work being done at Class Blogmeister. The focus here is on principals, not teachers or students. Participants can come from anywhere on the globe.

We will create and host the blogs for FREE through at least Summer 2007. More information on participant expectations, how to sign up, etc. is on the Principal Blogging Project home page. We are looking for principals who want to experiment with this new communication medium and are willing to post at least once a week.

100 days from now is January 11, 2007. I will periodically post progress updates both here and on the Principal Blogging Project home page.

Please disseminate this post widely. Let’s get some principals blogging!


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