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100% proficiency on old skills?

Here’s something if you have a 60- to 90-minute block of time with educators…

100% Proficiency on Old Skills? A Candid Conversation About the Demands of NCLB and Preparing Students for the New Economy

  • Step 2 – watch Did You Know? (6:05) (become a little overwhelmed)
  • Step 3see the slides and listen to the podcast (34:20) (challenge the status quo)
  • Step 4 – watch The Human Network (1:32) (remain hopeful)
  • Step 5 – start discussing
  • Step 6 – hand out either the short version or the long version as a take-away
  • Step 7 – share widely!
  • P.S. This presentation is better than the one I did last week.


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