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A Scene from Sanaa

Most of us have little idea what the fighting in Sanaa over the past several days has been like. 

We can imagine if not quite comprehend the daily struggles that come with water shortages, limited gas supplies, electrical outages, and to a much lesser extent seeing food priced out of range.

But few of us, can imagine the savagery and senseless violence of the street fighting that has errupted.

We see pictures and videos but those are on screens that hours of movie and television watching have conditioned us to ignore.

Unfortunately, the images coming out of Sanaa are all too real – the people we see dying are dead.  Words cheapen deeds.

WARNING: The video I link to below is INCREDIBLY GRAPHIC, this is not suitable for young children (really for any of us) and please if you choose to view it, be certain that you are able to handle vividly violent images. 

The video.


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