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Administrator’s guide to cyberbullying

My contribution to Stop Cyberbullying Day is going to be threefold. First, this quick quiz:

Online Poll Using WebSurveyor

Second, although my graphic design skills aren't the greatest, I made some badges that can be used by others as desired:

Third, I created an online presentation that outlines the basic legal parameters for dealing with student or employee cyberbullying incidents:

I made it quickly, so it's not as polished as it could be, but I hope that it's helpful for school administrators and other technology leaders across the country. The presentation goes into detail about the six cyberbullying cases that have resulted in a judicial decision, describes why five of those cases have gone against the school officials, and then outlines some other options that schools have for dealing with electronic bullying or harassment. [FYI, the presentation is a modified version of the longer presentation I gave on this topic last December. Comments or suggestions regarding the presentation are most welcome. I can revise and repost it easily.]

I'm looking forward to seeing other folks' contributions to Stop Cyberbullying Day and am hopeful that we'll see a significant flurry of activity on this topic today. Thanks, Andy, for this great idea.

Update: here's another case that went against the school.


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