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al-Huthi Conflict still Simmers

The news today from al-Jawf that five al-Huthi commanders were killed in an ambush by what some are charging as a militia linked to the government is yet another in a long line of signs that the nearly five year conflict is far from over.

The five men killed are listed as:
1. Zayd Ali Hasan al-Zamin
2. Ahmad Abdullah Abdan
3. Abdullah Jibran
4. Naji Abu Ashal
5. Hamud al-Haydari

I have been hearing recently that there has been an increase in problems between al-Huthi supporters in al-Jawf and other tribes as well as between government supporters. It still seems a good bet that the fighting will break out again after parliamentary elections are concluded. I don’t think many people have much faith in the secret peace deal that was announced July 17, 2008.


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