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Are administrators who blog and Tweet self-indulgent at the expense of their schools?

Over on Ryan Bretag’s blog, Matt Landahl said:

I watch principals or superintendents who tweet or blog a lot, and often I wonder what they could be doing in their building instead of that. In the blogosphere or twitterverse, there is a lot of self congratulatory back slapping in the education administration world with people who tweet and blog, but truth be told, the people running really tough schools (i.e. inner city, struggling to make AYP) don’t have time to do it.

What do you think? Are administrators who blog and Tweet self-absorbed and self-indulgent, gorging themselves on the Web and enhancing their own reputations at the potential expense of their school organizations? Is it true that administrators who are running ‘really tough schools’ can’t (or shouldn’t) blog and Tweet?

Image credit:Fentons! Yum!


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