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Ask Alan Boyle (science editor for your questions on science in mainstream media

Do you have a question for Alan Boyle, the science editor for Here is your chance to ask him.

As many Eruptions readers read, the headlines produced by MSNBC for their coverage of the recent Chilean earthquake raised my ire. To me, it represented the sensationalism of the events – but as with all things media-related, there is a lot of opinions on the matter.

We were lucky to have Alan Boyle, science editor for, comment on the fray and he has very kindly offered to take your questions about the coverage of science in the mainstream media. This is a unique opportunity for us to discuss how science is portrayed, the rationale for headlines and generally find out about how the mainstream media tries to give scientific information to the general public. If you have any questions for Mr. Boyle, email me at

. I will select questions to send off to Mr. Boyle and post the answers here on Eruptions.

I look forward to getting your questions! (You might even ask Mr. Boyle about how he survived a volcanic eruption.)


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