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Awesome Film Shoot

OK, so I’m not sure how ethical it would be for me to tell you about the concept or video, so I won’t. I got my first paid film gig, monday and tuesday of this week. It’s a really neat music video. Clearly I’m low on the totem pole so I’m not told any important details, just when to show up. Once I get here this morning it takes me like .3 seconds to figure out who the band is. It’s The Matches, one of my favorite local bands. I’m really looking forward to nailing this video and being a part of Matches awesomeness.

The video is gonna kick some major ass, so look out for it and go see this L3 show at a venue near you when they start the tour (Feb. 2). So sweet, my first gig rocks! Gonna go spend the rest of the day with the band, sa-weet.


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