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Bankers Behind Bars? (Revisited)

What should be done to Wall Street in the aftermath of the financial crisis?

This question has lingered for some time, without much action being taken by Washington, until eventually the right wing was able to shift the public debate away from the financial malefactors. The recent Occupy Wall Street protests in Liberty Square in New York City, however, have refocused the public’s attention on financial inequality and the lack of accountability for the people and institutions the protestors claim got us into this mess.

This past spring, Big Think convened a roundtable of distinguished economists moderated by Parag Khanna, that included Dambisa Moyo, Daniel Altman and Anand Giridharadas. Since not much has changed since then, and the question still lingers, we will revisit it again here: Should we put bankers behind bars?

Watch the video here:

Daniel Altman also recently opined on the subject of the Occupy Wall Street protests, in his new role as Big Think’s Chief Economist. You can read that post here.


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