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Bullying PSA: It Gets Worse [Video]

You may have heard about Dan Savage’s video outreach campaign, “It Gets Better.” The campaign was inspired by a spate of news stories about gay teens committing suicide in the face of bullying, and by Focus on the Family’s bizarre assertion that anti-bullying programs are a conspiracy to turn kids gay. Savage invited gay adults from all walks of life to submit videos to talk about the great lives they’re living today, and everything they would have missed out on if they’d taken their own lives. Watch the videos at itgetsbetterproject channel on YouTube. Here’s the video Dan made with his husband Terry.

That’s great, but who’s giving advice to the bullies? What does the future hold for the narrow minded, the vindictive, and the insecure? What do you have to look forward to if you base your self-esteem on policing gender norms and defending superstitions? Luckily, Daily Motion has the answer:

IT GETS WORSEUploaded by FirstLastName. – More video blogs and vloggers.

[Photo: By Connor Keller, Creative Commons.]


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