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Burlusconi’s Falling Star

Even though Silvio Berlusconi’s political reign may be drawing to a close, thanks in part to recent accusations of colluding with Russia, his media legacy will live on.

Berlusconi’s wealth and media may enable him to survive; the main party of the left, the Partito Democratico, is weak; he has many allies, nationally and locally. But this seems like the endgame, and the moves now are in the open, under the eye of an electorate apparently finally wakened from a long sleep. Their awakening means Berlusconi’s political legacy is uncertain, but his media one will be long lasting. Italy has pioneered some of the most influential political movements of the 20th century, including fascism, Euro-federalism and Eurocommunism. Under Berlusconi, it has made another one: mediaocracy.


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