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CNBC’s innovation program now available online

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to catch the first episode of CNBC’s The Business of Innovation TV series when it aired for the first time on Sunday night. However, it looks like the full one-hour episode is available online at CNBC’s Business of Innovation site, as part of a four-part Internet video download. I’ve just started watching the first fifteen minutes or so, and it looks like CNBC is sticking with its tried-and-true formula for reporting business news:

(1) Take a seasoned, extremely photogenic journalist like Maria Bartiromo, who can break down complex concepts for the innovator-wannabes at home;

(2) Mix together some controversial sound bites (e.g. “Hire the worst 10%” “Companies must embrace failure”);

(3) Offer direct access to some of the biggest, most recognizable names in business (i.e. the types of people who show up on the covers of respected business magazines like FORTUNE).

There’s also an online component to the series – including articles, podcasts and online discussion forums – giving the TV program a bit more life in the online world. In this first episode, Maria “Money Honey” Bartiromo speaks with four “iconoclasts” (pictured above) who “broke all the rules” when it came to business. For anyone who was able to watch the full one-hour show, what did you think?

[image: CNBC]


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