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DABA: Ann Krembs

It’s time to revive the crimson megaphone!

After a long hiatus, I really, really need to get my list of blogs that deserve a bigger audience (DABA) back up and running. I can think of no better blogger to kick this off than Ann Krembs, librarian at the American School of Bombay. Ann actually has two blogs, Dear Librarian and ASB Book of the Week, both of which are wonderful resources for her school community.

I encourage you to look over Ann’s blogs. I think she’s a wonderful model of what an engaged (and fun!) school librarian can look like in this digital age, particularly since she has students helping with the blogs and her other library work. You also may be interested in Ann’s conversation with David Warlick at the Learning 2.008 Conference in Shanghai.

I had the pleasure of meeting Ann in person when I was in Mumbai last February. She rocks. Happy reading!

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