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DABA: Kim Moritz

[I’m a little behind. I was supposed to post this last Friday…]

I am thrilled to announce the next recipient of the crimson


: Kim Moritz, an associate superintendent in Gowanda, New

York. Kim blogs at G-Town


and is most certainly someone that deserves a bigger

audience (DABA)

. Kim’s

writing has been profiled

by Will


in District


magazine and is a contributor to


. After a short


, Kim has returned to the blogosphere. I know I speak for her

many fans when I say that we’re all absolutely delighted.

Here are a few posts to get you started:

Another Go

  • Who’s
  • Afraid of the Big Bad Web?

  • Difficult
  • Parents

  • Let Me
  • Ask “Why?”

  • Harry
  • Potter and the Vet

    Happy reading!

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