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Guest Thinkers

Dear Mr. President

I voted today (22nd in line!).

I voted for future-oriented leadership instead of compliance. I voted for anticipatory, not reactionary.

I voted for engagement with the world, not bellicosity. I voted for the view that education is a societal investment rather than a private good.

I voted for caring over self-interest. I voted for mastery of our digital world, not ignorance. I voted for hope rather than fear. Most of all, given the ambiguity and complexity in which we live, I voted for general promise rather than specific promises.

You have enormous challenges ahead of you. Tell us like it is instead of what you think we want to hear. The American people are amazingly resilient; they deserve the opportunity to rise to their potential. Lead us to a better place. We can do great things if properly informed, inspired, and enabled.

Good luck, Mr. President. Our hopes and dreams now reside with you.


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