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Decent Article

I’m guessing that by now most people coming to Waq al-Waq don’t need an overview, but The Economistprovides a decent look at the Huthi conflict, and does an admirable job of parrying away rumors (rumours) of Iranian involvement. It also included this “evidence”, which I don’t remember having heard before.

“The Yemeni authorities also darkly note that the Houthis’ long-time leader, Hussein al-Houthi, who died in battle in 2004, used to visit Qom, one of Shia Iran’s holiest cities”

I like this- I used to visit Ireland, but I don’t think that means Sinn Fein is coming to my aid in my heroic struggle against creditors. Obviously, that isn’t an exact parralel, but I think that bit of “proof” shows a touch of desperation.


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