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Guest Thinkers

Finding Truth in Conflict

Anyone who wishes to think well and feel well about the world should seek a way of thinking that is more capacious than Aristotle’s principle of non-contradiction, says Patrick Miller.

Patrick Miller, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Duquesne University: In Becoming God I have argued that Heraclitean logic is not only more ancient, but also more accurate than the logic of consistency that Parmenides and the Platonic tradition deployed against it. This tradition has been dominant from the moment of its founding, thanks in part to the rhetorical genius of its founder, making non-contradiction the supreme principle of reason in the eyes of nearly every philosopher since. This post aims first to humble it before the next seeks to revive its Heraclitean rival. Humble it, that is, but not reject it. For without it, as philosophers say, everything is permitted.


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