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Follow-up to Greg

In today’s issue of today’s papers Greg asks why the government isn’t linking the bombings to alWahayshi or alRaymi. My feeling is that the bombing, while troubling and scary, is also very embarrassing to Salih. San’a is double-plus unhappy about the Obama plan to transfer Yemeni detainees from Guantanamo to a Saudi half-way home. It is insulting, really- the US is saying “we don’t trust that you can handle these guys.” (I have my own problems with the Obama plan, but we’ll discuss that in a different post.) And these bombings can easily be seen as more proof that America’s distrust is earned. Not saying it is or it isn’t- just that this is an embarrassment the Salih regime doesn’t need as it tries to fend of insults to its sovereignty. Harrumphing about being able to handle ones own Islamists without any need for help from the Saudis while things are blowing up behind makes for a ridiculous tableau. I have a hunch that’s why he’s been reluctant to make that connection. Obviously, anyone blowing up themselves and a bunch of Koreans delivers an ugly shiner to the government, but I think embarrassment plays a role in the lack of the usual rapid links.


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