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GenEX-pectation Rising: What Business & Government Need to Know is the Real Difference Between the Baby Boomers & Yesterday’s Old Age

I was invited by AARP and the Atlantic Monthly to join a forum “What’s Next? How Technology will Revolutionize the Boomer Generation” in Washington, DC last Fall. This is update to a previous post Baby Boomers & Technology: Possibilities, Privacy & Promise.

Alexis Madrigal, Senior Editor of formerly of Wired, moderated the event. The panel included a blend of future looking, virtual and business perspectives – Michael Rogers of the Practical Futurist looked into the future of technology and boomers, Lee Rainie, Director of the Pew Internet & American Life Project peered into the virtual Internet lives of generations, and Paul Bromberg, Philips Healthcare Vice President & General Manager of Remote Patient Monitoring discussed his company’s experience in delivering services for today’s old while responding the needs of today’s baby boomer caregiver.
This is one of several clips summarizing remarks from that event.

In this video clip I suggest that the real difference between the baby boomers and previous generations of older adults is not their numbers, not their wealth, not their experiences, nor their education — but how these factors converge together to contribute to create GenEx orGeneration Expectation — to live longer and to live better. The new expectations of the next generation of old will drive markets and demand innovations in products, services and public policy. These rising expectations begin with the boomers, will continue with their children and are at the core of disruptive demographics. 

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