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Hallelujah, I’m a Bum! Or, Why a Hobo-Themed Wedding is a Big Mistake

From Amanda, I learn that a couple decided–apparently of their own free will–to have a hobo-themed wedding

Lest you think this post comes from a place of knee-jerk anti-hobo animus, let me assure you that I love Utah Phillips and Ted Conover as much as anyone you will ever meet.

I understand this couple did research on hobos for their wedding. Yet, they somehow missed what is perhaps the predominant theme of hobo culture and lore: Rootless, disaffected, unstable, unemployed, single men who rarely bathe.

So, even setting aside the inherent classism of romanticizing poverty for your wedding, “Hobo” is the worst wedding theme in the history of matrimony.

[Photo credit: (V)oluntary (A)mputation, Creative Commons.]

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