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Help wanted: Digital citizenship resources?

I recently got this message from an international school:

I’ve organized [our] Tech Leadership Team to discuss and develop a Digital Citizenship program for our school. There are 27 members of the TLT and they will be exploring 6 elements, identifying issues associated with the element, brainstorming examples of appropriate and inappropriate use, developing guidelines for use (e.g., guidelines for e-mail, cyberbullying, social networks, piracy, health), and identifying how the concept and guidelines should be shared with the community.

  1. Digital Communication
  2. Digital Etiquette
  3. Digital Law
  4. Digital Rights & Responsibilities
  5. Digital Health and Wellness
  6. Digital Security

    I’m looking for a good book for them to read — any recommendations?

    What resources have you found valuable regarding digital citizenship? Here’s my contribution…


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