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Help wanted – World’s best PTO blog?

Let’s say that you were interested in creating the world’s best PTA / PTO blog as a tool to help build greater community for your kids’ elementary school. What would you include in it?

You can see what I’ve come up with so far at the Fellows PTO Blog. I’m just getting started. In addition to fun and/or helpful online resources for students and parents, over the next few months I’m going to:

  • solicit student stories or artwork,
  • publicize upcoming school events,
  • interview principals and the teaching staff,
  • highlight great books (and hopefully have students submit book reviews), and
  • possibly host a few fun contests for kids and families.
  • If you have other suggestions for blog activities, web sites I should be checking out, or great PTA / PTO blog examples, please leave them in the comments area or send me a note. Thanks!


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