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I Was Dead Wrong About Anthony Weiner

I was dead wrong about Congressman Anthony Weiner. I don’t have a revision team, like Sarah Palin does, that will work overtime to try to make me look good when I am wrong. I don’t have the kind of personality that will allow me to pretend that the piece I wrote just last week about Rep. Anthony Weiner, In The Tweet Of The Night, no longer exists.

Even though I wasn’t willing to go to the mat for Weiner last week, I was more than willing to place most of the blame for this political firestorm on Andrew Brietbart. But the fact that Breitbart was right this time doesn’t change the vile nature of his character. I find myself agreeing with Sean Hannity or Erick Erickson occasionally, but that doesn’t change the fundamentals of their twisted political views.

In fact, if Brietbart had not been involved, I would have been much more inclined to believe that Weiner was not telling the truth last week. Although I lean to the left politically, nothing is as annoying as a politician caught in a scandal who wants me to believe he lives in an alternate universe where people don’t make mistakes. Bill Clinton’s famous televised denial, “I did not have sex with that woman”, still chaps my ass fifteen years later because he asked us as a nation to play the role of the dummy who believes everything they are told.

‘Tis the lie that is the problem.

The lie…and all that the lie reveals.

Oh, don’t get me wrong…I understand the lie.  Hell, I probably would have wanted to at least attempt to lie my way out of that shit my damn self!

But the lie is what turns an issue into a problem…and the fall out from the lie is what turns a promising political career into a ween joke.

Congressman Weiner’s lie about texts and/or tweets is amusing political theater for some…ill-timed distractitude for others…and a shit-storm for Democrats.

For his constituents it is a disturbing look at what their Congressman will do when in a pinch…how he will respond when called out on a mistake…what his instinct is when shit goes wrong, when he may look bad, when he fucks up.

He lied…doubled down on that lie…and had to be hauled, kicking a screaming with feet literally dragging, to meet the truth face to face.

It is important that we don’t see that as trivial.

When President Nixon and his minions lied about a third rate burglary that was wrong…but his position as the head of government and the military is what made his instinct to lie to protect his ass intolerable.

“A ween is just a ween, but a lie is another thing altogether…”Angry Black Bitch

The progressive wing of the Democratic party, which spent untold thousands of hours trying to debunk this scandal over the last week, is stunned. Unlike their Republican counterparts, whose natural instinct at a time like this is to attack the media and stick to their narrative, however far from the truth it may be, many politically active Democrats feel betrayed by Congressman Weiner.

I can’t blame them one bit.


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