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ISTE 2010 keynote – Out of sight, out of mind?

How’s the voting for the 2010 ISTE keynote going? No idea. There are no running totals for candidates on the Round 3 web site. Nor are there even running indicators of how many people have voted to date. Maybe 6,000 people have voted. Maybe 6 have voted. There’s simply no way to tell.

There’s nothing to do on the Round 3 voting page except click on a dot and submit your vote. Your selection vanishes into the digital ether and you’re done. There’s no ability to even leave a comment there. There are no comments on the ISTE Connects page that announced the final round of voting and invited reflections on the process. There are no comments on the ISTE 2010 Ning. There are no comments on the ISTE Community Ning. There are 7 comments on my previous post that announced that the final voting round was underway.

I think ISTE has somehow lost an opportunity here. No information = no sharing = no discussion = no buzz. In the previous 2 rounds, there was conversation and attention to the process. Some of it was instigated by me, some by ISTE and/or other bloggers. This round, nothing.

There are 3 days left to vote for the ISTE 2010 keynote. Does anyone care? There’s simply no way to tell…


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