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Labor Day Parade

“Class struggle is an unfashionable term in modern America, but with millions jobless or impoverished, it’s relevant as ever.” The Guardian’s Clancy Sigal on class difference in America.

“This Labor Day, when kids are getting ready for school and private end-of-summer backyard barbecues have replaced communal solidarity, long-term unemployment is at an 80-year high, not seen since the worst of the 1930s Great Depression. At least 30 million Americans are jobless, or have been forced into part-time work or have given up looking for work altogether. At the same time, there’s an almost-Marxist downward pressure on employed workers’ wages due to freezes and wage cuts even at companies with healthy profits. Standard & Poor’s 500 index has surged 34% compared to last year, and companies are sitting on $1.8tn in cash.”


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