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Lady Gaga as Innovation Superstar

For the past six months, Lady Gaga has parlayed her amazing success in the music and entertainment world to become the unofficial poster child for creativity and innovation in the business world. Earlier this year, she was tapped as the new creative director of Polaroid. Then, just last month, Fast Company named her the #1 Most Creative Individual in Business – an honor that placed her ahead of luminaries from the likes of Apple, FedEx, TED, Microsoft and Nissan. 

Lady Gaga has even been described – in glowing terms – as the perfect embodiment of the software-as-a-service concept by Read Write Web:

“Lady Gaga, along with her record company, is evolving the album in

the form of software as a service. Considering the content of her hit

new video, Telephone, it is fitting that she would use software to tackle the hard problem of getting paid by amazing fans.

On her path to global dominance, the site, has innovated the next generation of brand management for artists. To do this, she creates a join between Google’s YouTube, Apple’s iTunes, Twitter, and Facebook.

Way beyond having a an Twitter account, LadyGaga is hosting an

interface party, and you’re invited. She’s a performer who is inventing

ways to create the value of using multiple platforms to juice the

network effects.


With the help of Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Apple she will

connect to more platforms than ever before, with fewer clicks and

passwords.We wonder how this evolve further into other platforms. Will

LadyGaga’s services continue to find new ways to leverage real-time

services? We’re starting to envision personal mobile and location aware

fan applications. Will the forces of cloud computing and commerce force Apple and Google be best-friends-forever in music?”

While it’s easy to pick a popular company or personality and proclaim that we’re witnessing “Something Unlike We’ve Ever Seen Before,” it’s clear that Gaga — if she manages to play nice with others — is on to something new. Any other examples of how Lady Gaga is changing the rules of the road for businesses?

[image via Read Write Web]


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