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Minnesota DDDM readiness study

Since David posted about one of his data-driven decision-making (DDDM) projects yesterday, I thought I’d chime in with some info about a massive DDDM initiative underway here in Minnesota…

The Minnesota Statewide DDDM Readiness Study is an attempt to answer two basic questions:

  • Are Minnesota teachers and administrators ready to engage in data-driven education?
  • What needs do Minnesota educators have as they work to integrate data into their daily practice?
  • To try and answer these questions, paper surveys were sent out to every public school principal, superintendent, and technology coordinator in the state of Minnesota, including charter schools. In addition, surveys were sent out to five randomly-selected teachers in every public school building. Participants had the option to complete the survey online instead of on paper. A total of 13,850 surveys went out for this initiative; we’ve heard back from over 4,200 educators across the state. The next phase of the project hopefully will be to complete some follow-up interviews.

    We’re currently doing the first round of data analysis. If you’re interested in the survey instruments themselves, they’re available here:

  • Principal survey
  • Superintendent survey
  • Technology coordinator survey
  • We believe this is the first statewide DDDM needs assessment in the country and we are delighted that the Minnesota Department of Education saw fit to fund this project. If your state has interest in using the surveys we created, we have the ability to host those online for you. The general URL for the project is


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