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More bragging

Today’s a good day to brag about some of our CASTLE friends…

A couple of weeks ago one of our School Technology Leadership alumni, Jennette Kane, was honored as one of NSBA’s 20 to Watch. Jennette is a technology integration supervisor for the Orange City (OH) Schools. Orange City was one of three districts selected last year by the NSBA Technology Leadership Network for a national site visit. Jennette’s supervisor, Kurt Bernardo, also is one of our alumni.

TetraData, which is one of CASTLE’s corporate partners, was recently honored with an Innovision Technology Award. TetraData has been a long-time supporter of the data-driven decision-making work that I do and has been generous enough to donate access to some dummy datasets so that my students can gain hands-on experience working with a data warehouse. We greatly appreciate its support and goodwill.


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