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My shameless plug for “Volcanoes: Global Perspectives”

Looking for a new book to add to your volcanology library? "Volcanoes: Global Perspectives" is a great addition.

Hope no one minds my shameless plug here, but I get a lot of questions about books to read if you’re interested in learning about volcanoes. There are an awful lot of good books out there and we can add one more to that list: Volcanoes: Global Perspectives” by Jack Lockwood and Rick Hazlett. I’ve been able to go through the book and it covers almost everything a volcanophile would want to know about volcanism on Earth and in the solar system – including some information I didn’t know (which isn’t a big surprise). It is written as a textbook for advanced undergraduates, but as along as you have some prior knowledge of basic geology or volcanology, you should get a lot out of the book.

Volcanoes: Global Perspectives.

Some words from Dr. Lockwood on the new book:

Dear Eruptionsblog afficionados:

After decades or work (we’re slow!) our book (VOLCANOES – Global Perspectives) is finally out! This was written both for students, and for geologists and “volcanophiles” needing an up-to-date reference book . Full-color, with over 300 photographs and figures. Our emphasis is on the global significance and environmental impact of volcanism, and on “Humanitarian Volcanology” – the relationships between volcanism and Society. Available from the Publisher and all leading bookstores. Autographed copies will be available next month at my “in revision” website.

Jack Lockwood (jplockwood

Rick Hazlett (RWH04747

You can also check out an interview with the authors about the book and volcanism in general. Maybe I can even con Dr. Lockwood into a Q&A; here on Eruptions!


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