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NECC – Resources for those of you who missed the circus

Did you miss the extravaganza this year? Wish you were at NECC 2009 but couldn’t make it? Hate NECC and want to snipe from afar? Here are some resources that should help…

  • If you want unofficial, raw (dare I say authentic?) coverage, many of us tagged our blog posts with necc09 or necc or necc2009 or ebc09 or edubloggercon.
  • If you’re looking for more official coverage, see all of the posts at ISTE Connects and read the conference newspaper, the Daily Leader.
  • Some of the sessions were filmed. Check out the videos at ISTEVision.
  • If you’re interested in a particular session, the presenter may have uploaded his or her handouts.
  • You can sift through the many thousands of photos on Flickr tagged necc09 or ebc09 or edubloggercon or ccdc09.
  • Watch the video interviews at the Bloggers’ Cafe. I love it when Lisa Thumann says, “Helloooo, Joe!” [Oh, and VERY uncool of Joe to completely dismiss the Internet access issues.]
  • For the brave (or foolish) who want to read through all of the tweets, the official Twitter hashtag was #necc09. See also #ebc09 and #edubloggercon and #neccunplugged and #necc09mg and #notatnecc09.
  • My final thoughts on NECC 2009

    • A big THANK YOU to everyone who said kind things about my presentations. I believe that both my Monday afternoon (Effective leadership in an era of disruptive innovation) and Tuesday morning (Why aren’t you having a bigger impact?) sessions were filmed and will be available online. I’ll post the links as soon as I have them.
    • As usual, Edubloggercon and the Bloggers’ Cafe were the places to be for fun, stimulating, thoughtful conversation. A big shout-out to everyone I met and/or hung out with in those two locales. If I never attend a formal NECC presentation again, y’all are still worth the price of admission. Steve Hargadon took a fair amount of heat for last year’s Edubloggercon. This year I heard nothing but praise. Steve, you don’t hear it enough but thanks for all that you do. This year’s event was FABULOUS.
    • There may have been someone at NECC who was funnier than Dean Groom but if there was, I didn’t meet him/her. Thanks for all the laughs, Dean!
    • Photo credit:Waiting, Dean Shareski

        Finally, for your viewing pleasure, David Warlick’sEdubloggercon ’09 Animoto, which I think captures the informal, conversational nature of the experience quite nicely. See you next year in Denver!


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