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Network Your Way to Success

Joshua King had a great game plan in his job search: make a list of the companies he wanted to work for, research them, and network with as many people as possible. He ended up getting a job through a recruiter, but he reaped the unexpected rewards of networking along the way. 

Hear his success story here:

Joshua King, 31, is Vice President at Eastdil Secured, a real estate investment banking company. Previously, Joshua worked in investment banking, first as an analyst and later an associate at JP Morgan. During this time, Joshua realized his interest in real estate and decided to go to business school. At Wharton, he completed a double major in real estate and finance, graduating in 2007 with multiple job offers. 


While Joshua ended up choosing a job that was offered to him through a recruiter, 
interviewing and networking helped him in his career in some very concrete ways: it helped him become more familiar with and learn more about his industry, and this also had the unexpected benefit of helping Joshua appear more knowledgeable and well-connected in his interviews.  


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