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Guest Thinkers

New voices – Brian Saxton


challenged us to find new voices

. Between now and February 17 I am profiling

eight nine bloggers that I’ve found informative and intriguing. Most represent a leadership perspective and are relatively unknown.

All are thinking in deep and interesting ways and thus deserve to be

brought closer to the surface of the blogosphere.

Today’s new voice: Brian Saxton, Snacks and Staff Meetings

Brian is the assistant principal at Aptos Junior High School in Aptos,

California. Brian was a physical education teacher before he was an administrator.

One of the things I like about Brian’s blog is that he writes about the

day-to-day realities of being a school leader. He hasn’t been blogging long, so there’s not much in his archives yet, but he’s off to a good beginning.

Here are a few posts to get you


wasn’t in the program!

  • What if?
  • Data, an administrator’s best friend
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    Happy reading!

    P.S. Kelly is profiling some new voices too. Fun!


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