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Guest Thinkers

New voices – Dave Sherman

Miguel challenged us to find new voices. Between now and February 17 I am profiling eight nine bloggers that I’ve found informative and intriguing.

Today’s new voice: Dave Sherman, Mr. Sherman’s Blog

Dave is the principal of South Park Elementary School in Deerfield, Illinois. He has past experience as a principal of another school and an assistant principal. He also has taught elementary and middle grades. Dave is a wonderful example of a busy principal who somehow still finds the time to be reflective about his administrative practice and its intersections with larger educational issues. Here are a few posts to get you started:

  • Developing self-directed learners – Part one
  • Developing self-directed learners – Part two
  • Where have all the good men gone?
  • President Bush, give me a call…
  • Previous new voices: Kelly Christopherson, Scott Elias, Jim Forde, Brian Saxton, Chris Hitch, Scott Schwister, Rick Scheibner

    Happy reading!

    P.S. Kelly just profiled another new voice. Awesome!


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