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New voices – Pete Reilly

Miguel challenged us to find new voices. Over the past week and a half I have been profiling new bloggers that I’ve found informative and intriguing. Today I conclude this series with a powerful new voice in the education blogosphere.

Today’s new voice: Pete Reilly, Ed Tech Journeys

Pete is the director of the Lower Hudson Regional Information Center (LHRIC) in Elmsford, New York. Pete’s not exactly a new voice in K-12 educational technology. He’s been writing for years in print publications and is one of the writers for District Administration‘s blog, The Pulse. However, Pete only started his own blog last November. I’m glad he did. There’s a reason Ed Tech Journeys was named the best newcomer blog for the 2006 EduBlog Awards. If you’re not reading Pete, you should be. Here are a few posts to get you started:

  • Thank you Miguel
  • Kill the messenger
  • The language of leadership: The power of “AND”
  • The courage to teach
  • Previous new voices: Kelly Christopherson, Scott Elias, Jim Forde, Brian Saxton, Chris Hitch, Scott Schwister, Rick Scheibner, Dave Sherman

    Happy reading!


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